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My poetry has appeared in poetry magazines and literary journals including: Poetry Ireland Review, Stand, Poetry Salzburg Review, Ink Sweat and Tears, The High Window, One Hand Clapping, Dream Catcher and Brittle Star and in anthologies including the Culture Matters publication On Fighting On! and in Beyond the Storm and Ten Miles East of England (a pamphlet that was produced in support of Hull's successful bid for City of Culture). 

My poem Walking Poem Number 3 Much Green No Gizmos is on the Poetry Archive You Tube Channel and you can see the recording via the link: Walking Poem Number 3 Much Green No Gizmos by June Wentland - YouTube

Graphics show 10 Miles East of England, Culture Matters Anthology, Brittle Star Winter 2020/21 and Convergence anthology.

If you're wondering where the snails and the spider have come from please see the Foolish Heroines page.

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