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Book launch

What a fantastic afternoon! My novel Foolish Heroines finally launched at a lovely event in the Exhibition Room of Bath Central Library. Thank you so much Valley Press for publishing my novel and to Publicity Director Francesca Eden for coming to the event. Thanks to Christiane Glennie for interviewing me and Hilary Cox, Helen Beckwith and the other lovely library staff who helped make the day such a success. Thanks also to Penny Lorenc who made a magnificent book shaped cake. The planning was not without stress due to changing Covid rules but it was all more than worth it. The interview touched on all sorts of topics connected to the book: 'Men's Talk' is there such a thing? Wardrobe space - what does the state of yours say about women's equality? Can a cat really be a metamorphosed president of the Czech Republic? And are our human connections really bound together by the secret paths and trails of cats?


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